Kepis and Pobe Financial Group Inc.

"Gas is not only a 'bridge' but a 'destination' fuel in a lower-carbon world"

Kepis & Pobe Financial Group Inc.

Kepis & Pobe Financial Group Inc. was founded in 2009 to develop resource businesses in Canada. Building on a number of successes, the firm has grown and refined an investment process that is international in scope.  Kepis & Pobe pairs undervalued resource opportunities with management talent and capital.  The firm thrives on a strong geopolitical network and tested search process, arriving in regions of interest in advance of traditional E&P players.  The relationships and knowledge the firm develops in the process provide the foundation for uncommon risk-reward opportunities and returns.

Kepis & Pobe Mission Statement:

  • Build enduring relationships with investment partners and advisors
  • Understand and act on emerging macroeconomic and geopolitical trends
  • Incubate companies strategic for investors and governments
  • Support the economy and lives of people local to our projects
  • Deliver exceptional investment returns