Kepis and Pobe Financial Group Inc.

"Gas is not only a 'bridge' but a 'destination' fuel in a lower-carbon world"

Kepis & Pobe Advisory Services

Kepis & Pobe specializes in oil and gas advisory services, primarily, focusing on divesture transactions. We achieve success through a consistent, carefully managed, and transparent process combined with our extensive network of high-level contacts with super majors, sovereign wealth funds, large independents, and juniors.

When assisting in a corporate or asset divestiture, we help create complete data packages and distribute them to our contacts via a carefully managed process. Our contacts receive the right information designed to initiate a buying decision. By distributing to our database of carefully selected key decision makers, we are increasing the opportunity to receive higher quality bids. We carefully manage the process to ensure that the asset receives maximum exposure and results in the necessary bid tension that ensures the best possible transaction and outcome.

The scope of our services include:

  • Advising on the optimal sale process to create and deliver maximum value
  • Collaborating with the client in high grading potential purchasers
  • Contacting potential purchasers to seek and assess their level of interest in transacting
  • Supporting the co-ordination of due diligence activities conducted by potential purchasers including the facilitation of Virtual Data Room set up and population
  • Coordinating the communication with potential purchasers and acting as sole intermediary between them and our clients
  • Negotiating commercial terms with potential purchasers
  • Assisting our clients in instructing and coordinating its other advisors to ensure that company messaging related to the divesture is consistent and effective

Our expertise has been developed not only by acting as advisors on large transactions, but also through demonstrated experience as executives and board members of large oil and gas companies over decades.

Managing the divesture process to ensure maximum value takes experience and the ability to understand the many nuances of the negotiation and bidding process. This is where Kepis & Pobe excels. We welcome referrals and contact by prospective clients. We would be pleased to show you how we can help you achieve the best possible outcome through the transaction process.