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"Gas is not only a 'bridge' but a 'destination' fuel in a lower-carbon world"

Tim Petterson, Managing Director, Mining Finance

Tim Petterson has 30 years of Investment Banking experience in the metals and mining sectors. In recent years he has co-founded several companies in the gold, copper and coal sectors. He currently serves as a director of MCC Mining Corp and also Black Eagle Mining Corporation and was previously Managing Director of Mining of Kingsdale Capital Markets. Prior to Kingsdale, he served for 15 years in both Mining Consultancy and Investment Banking in London. Mr. Petterson served in senior positions as the Head of Global Mining Research for both HSBC James Capel and then ABN AMRO. Tim led several high profile IPOs and his team was ranked consistently in the top 5 globally in institutional investor surveys. He was then promoted to Head of Pan European Equity Research for ABN AMRO Bank, prior to moving to Canada. Mr. Petterson is a graduate mining engineer and an Associate of the Camborne School of Mines.